PLAYER Honors Smokey Robinson

Dev & Kira

I can't believe it's almost been a year since my big 5-0. Last year at this time, as we were planning my event, Kira Lorsch was beginning the … [Continue reading]

Spring Forward


I can't believe spring is here already, seems this year is flying by so fast! I love spring, seeing all the flowers bloom and preparing for the warmth … [Continue reading]

Pinup Stars of The 21st Century

Dita Von Teese

Twelve years ago I was inspired to produced a documentary about the pinup from the pinup’s point of view. It had never been done before and I saw … [Continue reading]

American Food Battle

Devin, Nicolas & Henri

By now you know that I won the Gumbo battle with Henri Alen and Nicolas Thieulon on their Finnish cooking show, "American Food Battle." We blindfolded … [Continue reading]

Songs of Love


Last night we had the honor of participating in a wonderful charity called, "Songs of Love." It was their first west coast gala and "Songs of Love" is … [Continue reading]

Bahama Mamas


It was only Ronn's second cruise, my third and the Norwegian Freestyle cruise was terrific with mostly smooth sailing and smooth rock n roll the whole … [Continue reading]

Playmates, Photography & Music

Me. Terry O'Neil & Keiko

I had a slumber party with several other Playmates from the 1980s celebrating the 50th birthday of Playmate Alana Soares thrown by her sister Leilani … [Continue reading]

Love Is In The Air

My Husband's A Dog, My Wife's A Bitch

With Valentine's Day around the corner, love is in the air and we are celebrating it with KISS, Mel Gibson and Tom Jones for a benefit concert at the … [Continue reading]

Hooray For The Underdog!

DevRonn with Barbara Moore

I know many of you thought the Broncos would win the Superbowl and many were disappointed. I had no preference and really love superbowl parties to … [Continue reading]

The Right Place At The Right Time

TV Soap magazine copy

  I’ve been wondering why this new year feels so exciting compared to last year and I think just the sheer number of 2014 sounds more exciting … [Continue reading]