The Right Place At The Right Time


I’ve been wondering why this new year feels so exciting compared to last year and I think just the sheer number of 2014 sounds more exciting that 2013.



 It has a vibe to it, just saying it and the fact that I personally had a fibroid the size of a man’s fist removed from me that’s not cancerous, makes me very happy to be able to see 2014 and feel the utmost gratitude! 2013 was a very strange year of transition from old to new, at least for us. Ronn shed his alter ego Ridge Forrester, and found that cool Ronn Moss that is doing music again. And he’s having too much fun traveling the world and being ultra creative.


Creativity is intelligence on steroids. It’s what drives us to do what we are most passionate about. As long as we are doing the things we love creatively then monetary gains will come naturally. Being at the right place at the right time is also an important factor that often has nothing to do with how talented, smart or driven we are, but really just being at the right place at the right time.


Some can call that luck, but I tend to think it’s much more than mere luck, although being lucky is a cosmic thing also. I think it’s how much you desire something and how much energy, effort, love and passion you choose to put into your creativity that helps it manifest into reality. I speak a lot about this in my book “True Age, Timeless Beauty.” Don’t let the title fool you; it’s a motivational spiritual book that will help you keep your life in balance. I feel balance is the key to happiness in life and I use many examples of how I have done this in my book, which is on sale at discount price now!

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Ronn’s Ebay and mine are up for auction on Ebay and will be adding to it continuously now. Everything from photos, music, collectibles, clothing and yes those most requested scarves! I am also now doing more red carpet events as a journalist for Splash magazine and another surprise, which I will tell you about later. More surprises are coming, so look for me to be posting more questions and answers at ChaCha. ChaCha is a fun app and great way to communicate with everyone and share through Twitter and Facebook. So check it out and look for much much more from us in 2014!!





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  1. Wonderful words of empowerment as usual, Devin. And as always I will print out your writings and include in in our hotel guest welcome package. My sister’s & I make sure all our guest know about what your are sharing, whether its advice on love, life or the latest with Ronn & The Player Band. Over the years we have had guest request songs both from Ronn & The Group. Because they heard it playing on one of their visits
    So you guys have a nice lovely usual
    From Alizander.

    • Devin Devasquez says:

      thank you Alizander, we most appreciate that. Player and Ronn’s music is also very inspirational for love. Have a great day!

  2. oops just did a typo on my last name its Marquez

  3. donewithbravo says:

    Devin: I, too, had a HUGE fibroid removed in 2012. It was beyond the size of my uterus!! I had 2 small fibroids 25 years ago and my doctors kept a close watch on them and then they suddenly filled up my entire uterus (and then some), so I had to have them taken out asap. It is a relief to hear back from pathology that all is clear with the testing of the tissue, so you and I are both blessed there. Onto bigger and better things for both you and Ronn!

  4. Dear Devin
    Its still I still have time to wish you & Ronn a “happy new year” My 2014 began on an island in The British Virgin Island called Tortola. Now I am almost home (California) waiting for a flight to get me there. After 3 cancellations & 2 days in an airport..I am all blogged out..reading what those bitches was writing about you & Ronn on your 12/21 post. Glad to see you survived the “bashing” and found the strength & creativity to write new material.

    Most importantly, your surgery was a success, but please do lots of follow up with your doctor and other doctors, as well. In other words get a few dozen “second opinion” My sister succumb to that very thing, because she only got one opinion from one doctor.
    Take Care & BIG kiss for Ronn :-)
    Lexli Bryant

  5. Devin, I say it once again – I m very excited about new projects u and Ronn are doing. Ronn rocked as Ridge many years and now he rocks as Ronn. Im also very thankful for each clip, each tweet and each chat with u 2. Am very happy that u are feeling much much better after yr surgery. So let this year be DEVRONN year.

    (((bighug))) Loveu Kat

  6. leslianne says:

    Hey Devin & Ronn
    I had plan to comment and send you blessings to help with your recovery..but I was busy reading all the trash talk on The Soap Opera Post. You must be an angel or had an angel with you..for you to reply to all those post…so soon after your operation. Well I guess it kept your mind occupied on something else and not the recovery days..And I bet they went by real quickly. :-)

    Sometime ago i read that you guys should do a cooking show together and after watching you & Rove..also Ronn & Kelly on those Google/ you uploaded, recently..I think that would be a very good idea. Lets see what your fans think In the mean time “pillow talk” it over with Ronn
    Love ..U..both

    • Devin Devasquez says:

      thanks Leslianne. I had alot of time from being laid up to respond and didn’t expect such a vocal response from my opinion. So I took that opportunity to do try and respond to the good and the bad. I’m feeling so much better thank you!!

  7. Evette Farrare says:

    Bonjour Devronn
    Over the years I’ve subscribe to many blogs..but yours is far the best on the market. Keep up the great writings and I will continue to read. Also looking forward to seeing both of you doing a cooking show. I am a Food Photographer..but i also know my way around the kitchen..creating many dishes of all ethnic groups. My faves is Moroccan & Asian Curry. I also like to use wines, with fish & beef.
    Well its Au Revoir for now.

  8. Stella Murray says:

    Hi Devin & Ronn
    Looking forward to hearing about all your projects this year. But I was hoping by now..the both of you would have gotten back on TV with your own show(s) However I do login to Youtube to watch you all the time.
    I hope you both have all the blessings for 2014 & Beyond
    Sincerely Stella

  9. Octavia Vazquez says:

    Wonderful to hear you are up and around after that surgery. I know many women, who were not so lucky.So embrace life… like you have always done, Devin…cause you just never know
    Wishing you & Ronn health 8 prosperity
    I’m a fan 4life

  10. Rosario Martinez says:

    Hi There DevRonn
    I see I have missed a lot going on over here on your site..esp on the other post about soap operas. Happy to see the loyal Ronn fans stood their ground and trash back @ the haters. Its the world we live in. You just have to role with the punches. Right now, I have to roll out of catch a flight to bail a client out of jail. Yeah its the world I chose to be in. “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.
    So until I return its
    Law n Order

    • That’s cute Rosario. Are you one of the @Law Ladies. I met Maria, Noriko & Marisol in NY. If you are not..Well welcome to one of my favourite blogs
      From Lindsey Abbbott